An Escort Who Fell In Love

I decided that I would start doing escorting as a business, and I had a number of clients that I would visit on a regular basis. One of these clients was a celebrity race driver and I knew that I had him booked for a weekend appointment. This client was different from the other individuals who I went to see, and I could sense that there was a special sense of chemistry between me and him. Our sessions were always more intimate than with the other clients that I work with and I could sense that he really cared about me.

I took special care when I saw this one; never spoke about other clients, things like that. From the start what he really wanted was the “girlfriend experience” because quite frankly, he wanted a girlfriend. He always treated me respectfully, and I always made him feel like he was the only one in my life. I made sure I was always available for him, and I always took him to places where I was sure to never see another client.

On this particular occasion I went to meet him and he had bought me flowers. He seemed completely in love with me and I knew that his emotions had taken over. I became more and more attracted to him over time and he took advantage of me in positive ways which made me realize how much I cared for him and loved him. Over time our relationship grew and grew, and he quickly made me fall in love with him.

He became more and more flirtatious and did more and more wonderful things both to me and for me, every time we met. My attraction to him became so strong and I couldn’t resist him. I then would avoid seeing any other clients. He completely seduced me and we ended up falling in love with one another. I then decided that I would quit being an escort and would devote myself completely to him.

He made me feel completely wonderful and we spent all our time together. We fell in love deeply and did not look back. We have now been together for 10 months and our love for one another is stronger than ever. We want to continue our strong bond for many years and really feel grateful that we met each other in the way that we did.

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